6 Ways to Save Money in New Orleans

The Big Easy never sleeps and never stops partying. The visitors here don't want to miss the party either and don't want any money issues to interfere with the fun. But all the partying might do just that. We want to show you the best ways to stretch that dollar just a bit more and keep on keeping on in New Orleans.

1. Open container drinks are a law here

Drinks in the city are not expensive, but even a $2 dollar drinks can add up if consumed all day long, so bring your own. New Orleans is a unique place where drinking on the street is perfectly fine, so bring your own refreshments and plastic cups - no glass allowed. You can sip on your way to the bar and then on your way from one bar to another - a dream come true for many. Most bars are prepared for this and have a mountain of to-go cups by the door, so just leave the glass and take your drink along.

2. Free festivals

Free festivals in New Orlean

Louisiana capital has more festivals than there are days in the year, so you are always in luck. Most weekends have a couple to choose from. Some famous festivities can cost you a pretty penny, but there are plenty of lesser known completely free. In addition to not costing anything, local vendors offer very reasonably priced local food and drinks. French Quarter is the best known free festival, and then you have Satchmo Summerfest and ever expanding food celebrations, like Poboy, Creole Tomato, Oyster, and many other festivals vying for your attention.

3. Look out for travel specials

Summer in New Orlean

New Orleans has an official tourism site to advertise the city and attract visitors with great deals and specials, in addition to useful information. The New Orleans Tourism marketing Corporation organizes many accommodation specials, especially during low-seasons. Summer in the Crescent City can be scorching or refreshed by plenty of downpours, which are perfect times for a visit if you have money on your mind - you will survive and will come out happy with all the savings you got. Winter season rolls along with great Papa Noel discounts, so take advantage of them.

4. Stay outside of the city

Outside of the New Orlean

Staying outside of the busy city will not only save you money, but will also present opportunities to do some fun activities. Metairie, for example, is a very short ride from the downtown, but offers a lot better rates than New Orleans hotels. Slidell is another close-by location, just across the Lake Pontchartrain - you will enjoy beautiful scenery and save hundreds of dollars. And best of all, while you're here, you can take a swamp tour and get up close and personal with alligators and snakes. If alligators are not your thing, stop by the famous Abita Brewery in Abita Springs on your way to New Orleans.

5. Use New Orleans public transportation

Public transport in New Orleans

Leave your car in the hotel and enjoy the city as it was meant to be seen - on foot or from a street car. You will save some serious money if you will avoid downtown parking. Buses are very popular and frequent way of traveling here too, so take advantage of them. Street cars are museums on wheels and definitely worth a couple of dollars. $3 Jazzy Pass will give you all day rides through some famous sites.

6. Enjoy City Park

City Park New Orlean

The park is big enough to entertain you all day for free or virtually free. The area is packed with various activities, so there is something for everybody. NOMA is very affordable, especially with student ID, and sculpture garden is completely free. Botanical Gardens and mini golf courses are just $10. Kids can enjoy Storyland for $4. A plate of famous beignets is only $2.20 at Morning Call. All in all, $20 can fill your day with unforgettable memories and sights in the park.