10 New Orleans Signature Boutiques

Shopping and traveling often goes and hand in hand. Some travelers desire to find local shopping places to connect with locals and immerse themselves in the culture and crafts. Yet others want to take a minute to unwind, enjoy much needed retail therapy, and get something special to remember the trip by. And still shopping is more than just those two things.
Shopping enhances local economies, provides jobs for native artists, and enables self-expression that in return enhances the visitor experience. So it's safe to say that shopping helps oil the machine that drives the community and individual growth.
New Orleans Boutiques New Orleans has a lot to offer - everybody knows music and food scene, everybody comes for the history, architecture, and arts. Hopefully everybody then understands that buying from little unassuming boutiques and street artists will enable the New Orleans to continue and shine for generations to come.

1. Friend

This boutique is friendly for no-fuss style lovers. Casual surfer style meets classic resort fashion here. The look is clean cut, but cozy-friendly and it feels so good. The owner Parker Hutchinson has done it all in his life - 2 university education, musician, lawyer, and now a boutique owner, so he knows a thing or two about when fashion needs to meet comfort. He works with affordable brands like Saturdays, A.P.C., Our Legacy, 18 Waits, Shades of Grey, and others. In addition to that, Parker collaborates with local artists to create and sell signature perfume oils and backpacks.

2. Lili Vintage

If there is one fashion in New Orleans, it has to be the authenticity. There is no certain way how you supposed to look here, in fact - the crazier the better. Nobody will take a second look if you'll walk around dripping in tulle and sequins.
Lili Vintage Lili Vintage caters to those tastes that are hard to find anywhere else. The store offers its patrons many choices, from collector frothy skirts from the 1930s to lustful slip dresses for those hot summer nights. The store is open for all and makes its own rules. Vintage buys rule here, merchandise is rare and unique, and the spirit is free. There is nobody here to stop you from wearing 1950s gem covered dress just to get groceries. See Lili Vintage website.

3. Gogo Jewelry

There is no shortage of artisan jewelry makers in and around New Orleans and they are all great. But for that time when you really need to make a statement, come to Gogo Borgerding and let her make you shine. She makes out of this world "wow" necklaces and creates bracelets that Wonder woman would not be ashamed to wear.
Gogo Jewelry Along with her own creations, the designer sells jewelry made by local known and unknown artists. Her pieces are often inspired by Louisiana spirit and even local seafood.

4. Buffalo Exchange

This is a consignment store, but not just any consignment experience - after all, it's in New Orleans, so it comes with a few expectations. The boutique has a special section for costumes, decked-out shoes, and sparkling outfits for every occasion imaginable.
Buffalo Exchange Buffalo exchange is a chain store and was one of the first places where customers could sell, trade, resell, buy, and exchange used items of their own. It was first opened in Tucson in 1974 and now has 45 stores in 17 states. The New Orleans location definitely has no shortage of unique outfits, friendly staff, and offers very pleasant shopping experience.

5. Angelique

Not every woman can throw on some jeans, put great heels on, adorn herself with easy going statement jewelry, and step out looking like a French model. Most need some thought and considerate planning. Angelique is for the latter kind. Here help will be swift and outfits will be put together. Some choices will include well-known fashion brands and some will feature totally unknown names.
Angelique Boutique Sophisticated fashionistas will be happy with classic button-up styles, and funky dressers will enjoy cheekier cuts and combinations. Timeless pieces are waiting to be discovered here and rest assured they will still look timeless five years from now.

6. Where Y'art Gallery

Art should be universal, and here it sure is. New Orleans is known for art, but shoppers have to be knowledgeable about different cultures and subcultures to find that speak to them. A lot us don't have time or means to connect to the greatest artists during our often short stays here.
Y'art Gallery This is when we head to Where Y'art Gallery and online store because they do the connections for us. Catherine Todd and Collin Ferguson created a place where it's fun and easy to discover the art that speaks to you. The online gallery is a great place not just to find various art work and styles, but also learn the stories of painters, sculptors, and jewelry designers.
The main physical gallery is located on Faubourg Marigny neighborhood, but there are a few smaller ones all over the city. Art can be located by category, style, colors, and many other parameters. Artists' stories can be heard. And finally, art just might be bought.

7. Fifi Mahony's

Take a trip to this place, where you will find the headwear that might have just come from the fairytales. Try on cobalt pageboy or a towering pink wig, and discover something new about yourself. If you have never seen yourself with a glittery lashes or a giant feather head dress - give it try here.
Fifi Mahony's This store has everything any costume lover, drag queen, glamourous fashionista, or theatrical performer might need. Wigs are all the rage here and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so try them on. The store serves those who practice the YOLO philosophy and supplies ideas for us who want to enjoy life to the fullest, at least when we're in New Orleans.

8. Trashy Diva

This store occupies a unique less explored niche in New Orleans - 1940s and 1950 vintage fashion reimagined by the store owner Candice Guinn. Her dresses have that unique mystique about them and will allow you to stand out from the crowd wherever you go.
Trashy Diva Contemporary style meets vintage spirit in Guinn's collection. Modern take on classic style rules here. Mad Men lovers will find period girdles and peignoirs, while Victorian underbust corset admirers will be able to find one online here. And then there is lingerie - run there, don't walk! Sassy and sexy is guaranteed. Couples might even find new excitement in their relationship after a visit here. If nothing else - feel good about yourself is guaranteed. Trashy Diva has seven boutiques in the City, so the style is easily accessible.

9. Hemline Magazine Street

There are plenty of boutiques on Magazine Street, but head straight to Hemline. The choices are plentiful here; fashion is universal and accessible for all. The store features Trina Turk, Kensie and Nanette Lepore, and others. Classic style meets casual in the store.
Hemline Magazine Street Shoppers will be helped, but never annoyed; the atmosphere will be invitingly upscale, but never stuffy. Clients will be offered an option to preorder desired pieces if the they are not available in the store.

10. U.A.L.

United Apparel Liquidators in French Quarter is a place to visit and browse. The store was originally opened in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and now has multiple stores in 3 states.
United Apparel Liquidators in French Quarter The stores acquire the merchandise from designer overstock and discounted showrooms and retailers. This store is geared more towards locals than tourists and constantly updates its inventory.
The fashion here is understated, but high quality. Shoppers will always find haute couture and simple cotton pieces alongside skinny blue jeans and Jimmy Choo shoes on sale.